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Advocacy and Outreach Interest Group

Description and Overview
Alliance members and professionals with experience in advocacy, communications, marketing and event planning are highly encouraged to join an exploratory call on January 29 at 09:00 EST to discuss scope, activities, operation and specific deliverables for launching an interest group on advocacy and outreach. The group will initially discuss promotion and event details for World Social Work Day plans in March but will also lay the ground work for a longer-term interest group aimed at increasing advocacy efforts for the social service workforce.

Purpose of the Advocacy and Outreach Interest Group
Social service remains one of the most underfunded, misunderstood, and underappreciated fields of work. In order to strengthen the workforce and improve the lives of children and families, greater planning, development and support is needed to this frontline workforce. The Alliance has developed a Global Advocacy Toolkit and Call to Action, both as resources for advocating to governments and decision-makers for actions to strengthen this workforce. This interest group will discuss how to support the workforce in being more vocal and sharing a common global message to advocate for this workforce.

Learn more about the purpose of Alliance interest groups, the Alliance and how to support advocacy by joining this planning call. View the full details including information for connecting into the conversation. Participants can join via computer, tablet or smartphone with Internet access at or there are phone numbers available for joining as well, included in the full description. If you are interested in joining the group but unable to participate in this call, we invite you to contact us to be included in future updates.

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