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Social Service Workforce Week

Social Service Workforce Week 2018

For the last five years, the Alliance has held “Social Service Workforce Week” (SSWWeek) as a means to bring more attention and support to the social service workforce and build awareness of various workforce strengthening activities happening throughout the world. To be celebrated September 24 - 28, this year’s SSWWeek will increase attention to the recently launched Call to Action, share examples of how it is being implemented, and outline steps individuals and groups can take toward achievement of the country and global level recommended action outlined in this advocacy document. Sign up to receive the daily emails with blogs, resources and other information. We will also be highlighting some of the ways the organizations that have signed on to the Call to Action are supporting workforce strengthening efforts. Join us in advocating for the workforce all week!

  • Day 1, September 24: A Call to Action: Strengthening the Social Service Workforce to Better Protect Children and Achieve the SDGs
  • Day 2, September 25: Mapping the Social Service Workforce to Better Protect Children
  • Day 3, September 26: Development of a National Social Service Workforce Strengthening Strategy
  • Day 4, September 27: Ending Violence Against Children Requires a Strong Social Service Workforce
    Join a webinar at 09:00 EDT on this topic, hosted by the Alliance, UNICEF and the Global Partnership to End Violence.
  • Day 5, September 28: Actions for Realizing a Stronger Social Service Workforce

Twitter ChatJoin a Twitter Chat on Tuesday, September 25 from 09:00-10:00EDT to discuss the need for strengthening the social service workforce to better protect children and achieve the SDGs, and exchanging promising practices. Hosted by the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance @SSWAlliance and Mtoto News @MtotoNews. Please tag these organizations or use #SSWWeek in your replies.

Q1 –#SSWWeek is an opportunity to advocate for social service workers. What are examples of successful advocacy efforts that have created policy change, increased budget allocations or achieved >recognition for #socialservice professions, including #socialwork, #CYCW & other workers?

Q2 – What are some steps you are taking to ensure the social service workforce is well-planned, developed & supported to meet the needs of the communities where they work? #SSWWeek

Q3 – Why is strengthening the social service workforce needed to #ENDViolence against children & achieve #SDG16? #SSWWeek #childprotection

Q4 – The INSPIRE package from @WHO & partners provides 7 strategies to #ENDViolence against children. What are your ideas for implementing the “R” of INSPIRE: response & support services? #SSWWeek #SDG16

Q5 – How does the social service workforce contribute to #SDG3 and promote the health & well-being for all, including workforce support to people affected by #HIV/AIDS? #SSWWeek #AIDSFreeGen

Q6 – What efforts are underway to strengthen the workforce to better support families & family-based care options for children? How can workforce strengthening be integrated into #carereform? #alternativecare #SSWWeek

Social Service Workforce Week 2017

The 4th annual Social Service Workforce Week was celebrated from September 25 - 29. This year's theme highlighted why we need to advocate for a stronger workforce to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, including the goals related to violence, migration and health. Daily themed blogs, worker profiles and related resources helped to increase attention and action for strengthening the social service workforce.

Social Service Workforce Week 2016

Social Service Workforce Week was held September 26 - 30. The year’s theme was “Building the Case for a Stronger Social Service Workforce.” Daily blogs will review the reasons a stronger workforce is needed to best care for vulnerable populations, and how this can be achieved. Read each day's blog below.

Social Service Workforce Week 2015

In 2015, Social Service Workforce Week was celebrated from September 21 - 25, 2015. The theme of the week focused on the role of community level workers. Read the daily blogs to learn more about this important aspect of work.

There were many excellent examples of how other organizations promoted the week and shared resources in 2015 about the para professional workforce.

Social Service Workforce Week 2014

The first Social Service Workforce week was held in April 2014 as a means to raise awareness for the Alliance and garner support from members, organizations and the public around the issue and importance of social service workforce strengthening. A blog and other resources were released each day during the week.

Read the blog posts from each day: