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Social Service Workforce Week

6th Annual Social Service Workforce Week 2019 - October 21-25

The 6th Annual Social Service Workforce Week will call attention to the many ways the social service workforce collaborates with other sectors for promotive, preventative and responsive services to improve health and well-being for all groups. Daily Blogs, related resources and new tools, drafted by partner and collaborating organizations, will be shared each day of the week. Daily topics include:

  • Day 1, October 21: Investing in Supervision is an Investment in Outcomes for Children and Families, by Colleen Fitzgerald, International Rescue Committee and Child Protection Case Management Task Force
  • Day 2, October 22: Support, Guidance and Reunification for Children on the Move, by Carolyn Housman, CEO, Children and Families Across Borders, UK; and Engaging the Global Social Service Workforce to Protect Children on the Move, by International Social Service-USA
  • Day 3, October 23: Improving Mental Health through Social Work in Hospital Settings, by Oluwagbemiga Oyinlola, Senior Medical Social Worker, University College Hospital in Ibadan, Nigeria 
  • Day 4, October 24: Addressing Violence and Stress through Multi-Disciplinary Teams in School Settings, by Nino Shatberashvili, PhD, MSWFounder and Board Member, Georgian Association of Social Workers
  • Day 5, October 25: Self-care in the Social Service Workforce, by Dr. Heather Modlin, Provincial Director, Key Assets Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada

Join the webinar on October 22 on the topic of The Role of the Social Service in Supporting Children on the Move: A European perspective. Experienced child protection, reunification and safeguarding professionals from Children and Families Across Border and Safe Passage will share skills needed by social service professionals in working with children on the move. They will also highlight their work in operational delivery, litigation, and political advocacy to help unaccompanied children access safe legal routes to asylum, and the support children on the move receive once they arrive in England as their final destination. Register now. 

Begin planning how you can share the daily materials with your colleagues and extended networks.

Social Service Workforce Week 2018

For the last five years, the Alliance has held “Social Service Workforce Week” (SSWWeek) as a means to bring more attention and support to the social service workforce and build awareness of various workforce strengthening activities happening throughout the world. Celebrated from September 24 - 28, SSWWeek helped to increase attention to the recently launched Call to Action, shared examples of how it is being implemented, and outlined steps individuals and groups can take toward achievement of the country and global level recommended actions outlined in this advocacy document. Blogs also highlighted some of the ways the organizations that have signed on to the Call to Action are supporting workforce strengthening efforts. Review the materials for ways to become further involved in advocating for this frontline workforce.

Webinar, September 27 - The recording, presentations and summary are now available from the webinar 'Ending Violence Against Children Requires a Strong Social Service Workforce,' hosted by the Alliance, UNICEF and the Global Partnership to End Violence

Social Service Workforce Week 2017

The 4th annual Social Service Workforce Week was celebrated from September 25 - 29. This year's theme highlighted why we need to advocate for a stronger workforce to help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, including the goals related to violence, migration and health. Daily themed blogs, worker profiles and related resources helped to increase attention and action for strengthening the social service workforce.

Social Service Workforce Week 2016

Social Service Workforce Week was held September 26 - 30. The year’s theme was “Building the Case for a Stronger Social Service Workforce.” Daily blogs will review the reasons a stronger workforce is needed to best care for vulnerable populations, and how this can be achieved. Read each day's blog below.

Social Service Workforce Week 2015

In 2015, Social Service Workforce Week was celebrated from September 21 - 25, 2015. The theme of the week focused on the role of community level workers. Read the daily blogs to learn more about this important aspect of work.

There were many excellent examples of how other organizations promoted the week and shared resources in 2015 about the para professional workforce.

Social Service Workforce Week 2014

The first Social Service Workforce week was held in April 2014 as a means to raise awareness for the Alliance and garner support from members, organizations and the public around the issue and importance of social service workforce strengthening. A blog and other resources were released each day during the week.

Read the blog posts from each day: