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Social Work in the Military – Considering a renewed scope of practice

The way that the social work profession is practiced within the Canadian Armed Forces is specific, unique and guided by directive that are different from those of civilian organizations. Social work practice must take into consideration the places where it is being practiced, and social work in the...

Qualitative Research into the Root Causes of Child Abandonment and Child Relinquishment in Vietnam

This study is a follow up to recommendations of UNICEF and ISS made following a 2009 study on adoption practices and procedures in Vietnam. Information included in this report gives voice to the biological families, which are too often the silent actor in adoption matters, but also sheds light on...

National Child Protection Systems in the East Asia and Pacific Region

There appears to be growing awareness of and demand for a child protection system that works in harmony with the cultural and social contexts in which they operate. Increasingly, there is an understanding of the role that culture has in determining how and why a system functions as it does and...

Burnout in Social and Humanitarian Work: Child Hub review of research and recommendations

A summary of 10 academic pieces regarding burnout in the social and humanitarian work fields, the documents provides data regarding issues, such as potential gender differences in facing and coping with burnout and best practices that could be implemented to prevent and solve burnout. Some of the...

Role of the Social Service Workforce in Care Reform (IPSCAN Presentation)

This presentation was given by Beth Bradford at the ISPCAN European Conference in September 2015.

Potential Short-Term International Volunteers' Perceptions of Children's Residential Care in Cambodia

The aim of this study from Friends International is to identify the perceptions of potential short-term international tourists concerning children's residential care in Cambodia.

Mental Health and Psychosocial Support for Refugees, Asylum Seekers and Migrants on the Move in Europe

This brief guidance note seeks to provide advice on protecting and supporting the mental health and psychosocial wellbeing of refugees, asylum-seekers and migrants in Europe. It describes key principles and appropriate interventions to guide all those who are designing and organizing emergency...

Interventions for Promoting Reintegration & Reducing Harmful Behavior & Lifestyles in Street-Connected Children & Young People

This report is a review of 11 studies in 12 countries on effectiveness of intervention for street-connected children and young people that promote reintegration.

Health and Social Service Workers - Increased collaboration, better health results

Presented at the George Washington University Global Health Mini-U, this presentation highlights the ways in which social service workers when working collaboratively with health care professionals can improve overall well-being.

Evaluation of Child-Friendly Spaces

Child friendly spaces (CFS) have become a widely used approach to protect and provide psychosocial support to children in emergencies. However, little evidence documents their outcomes and impacts for children. This summary report includes a systematic review of existing evidence as well as six...