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Factors Related to the Placement into and Reintegration of Children from Catholic-affiliated Residential Care Facilities in Zambia

This report is a result of a study of the reasons for placing children within Catholic residential care in Zambia. The findings serve as the basis for shaping the involvement of Catholic-affiliated residential care facilities in particular with advancing the government's strategy and gaining...

Supervising for Quality Child Welfare Practice

This resource aims to provide child welfare supervisors, managers and related professionals with examples of States' efforts to strengthen supervisory capacity and with tools and resources to enhance supervisory skills.

What Child Welfare Caseworkers Need to Go Mobile

Mobility and access to mobile devices are not yet a regular part of the caseworker’s professional career. According to the National Association of Social Workers (NASW), child welfare agencies are about 10 years behind the private sector when it comes to the use of technology.

Review of Legislation and Policies that Support the Social Service Workforce in Low- and Middle-Income Countries

This report from the Global Social Service Workforce Alliance offers a snapshot of social service workforce-supportive policies and legislation in selected countries and provides examples of aspects of legislation that feature the workforce.

Comprehensive Report and Summary on the Review of the White Paper for Social Welfare 1997

This report is a review of the White Paper for Social Welfare 1997, enacted by the Dept. of Social Development 19 years ago. It contains key observations and proposals in order to provide input to the government concerning updates to the bill in areas affecting the social service profession and...

Selecting and Implementing Evidence-based Practices: A guide for child and family serving systems

This guide provides information and examples of implementation relevant to those working with children and families in the child welfare and other social services systems.

Protecting Cambodian Children? The role of Commune Committees for Women and Children and informal community-based child protection mechanisms in Cambodia

Using largely qualitative methods, this review of Commune Committees for Women and Children in Cambodia shows an expanding range of services being provided to children with some success, but lack of resources and technical capacity negatively impacted their success.

Beyond Survival: The case for investing in young children globally

Coordinated, evidence-based investments must be made across sectors to ensure that children not only survive but also thrive. This paper is a call to action and aims to close the gap between what is known and what is done to support the development of children globally.

Promoting Uptake of Child HIV Testing: An evaluation of the role of a home visiting program for orphans and vulnerable children in South Africa

Significant shortfalls in HIV counseling and testing (HCT) exist among orphans and others at disproportionate risk of infection. This study reviews how home visits by para professional community-based care workers to orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa increased children’s uptake of...

Case Management Toolkit: A user's guide for strengthening case management services in child welfare

The use of quality case management practices has been demonstrated to improve decision-making and service delivery in child welfare practice that reduces family separation (UNICEF, 2010a). A tool for measuring current case management practices against indicators of good case management practices is...