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Guiding Principles for the Development of Para Professional Social Service Workers

The purpose of this document is to provide a set of principles that will be a useful base for utilizing para professionals as well as delineating functions and competencies related to how social service para professionals can be trained, developed, deployed and supported. Social service para...

Developing and Strengthening Community Health Worker Programs at Scale

The CHW Reference Guide is designed for new CHW programs that are beginningthe planning process as well as for existing programs that are being strengthened or scaled up.

Strategic Partnering to Improve Community Health Worker Programming & Performance

There is robust evidence that community health workers (CHWs) in low- and middle-income (LMIC) countries can improve their clients’ health and well-being. The evidence on proven strategies to enhance and sustain CHW performance at scale, however, is limited. Nevertheless, CHW stakeholders need...

A Case Study Highlighting the Results of Integrated Child Protection and Care Treatment Programming in Namutumba, Uganda

This case study describes the process, methods and results of the approach promoted by World Education’s Bantwana Initiative (“Bantwana”) under two USAID/PEPFAR funded consortium projects in Uganda: SUNRISE-OVC, a systems strengthening project primed by The International AIDS Alliance partnering...

Creative Community-Led Approaches to Preventing & Responding to Child Abuse: A case study in Uganda

For the past several years, Uganda has been strengthening the social service system with particular emphasis placed on addressing the many child protection risks and adversities faced by children and their caregivers.

REPSSI Forum 2015 presentations

The Global Social Service Workforce Alliance held three sessions at the REPSSI Regional Psychosocial Support Initiative 2015 Forum on planning, developing and supporting para professional social service workers.

Transitional Support Programmes for the Child and Youth Care Sector

This booklet was developed by Mamelani Projects, a community development organization in South Africa. The booklet outlines Mamelani’s approach to Youth Development and providing transitional support to young people as they transition out of Child and Youth Care Centres (CYCCs). This booklet is...

Factors Influencing the Career Choice and Retention of Community Mental Health Workers in Ghana

This study examines the views of stakeholders related to factors that influence career choices and retention of community mental health workers in Ghana. Those working in the field cited the positive reasons as well as challenges.

Impact of Health Systems Strengthening on Health

This report is a literature review that found that strengthening health services at the community-level, services integration and training the workforce to improve service delivery, including social services, has reduced mobidity and mortality and led to an uptick in healthy behaviors.

Leveraging the Social Determinants of Health: What Works?

The report includes a review of the health impact of partnerships between health care and social services.