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Case management

Improving Social Work in Brazil

Following a literature review published in 2012, Family for Every Child worked to develop a tool aimed at strengthening social services provision at national or sub-national levels, testing this tool in Brazil in 2012. This report provides an overview of the main results.

Social Work Practice: Engaging Individuals, Communities and Systems in Support of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy

This resource from the National Association of Social Workers outlines the many ways in which social workers provide a range of services to persons and communities affected by HIV. 

Case Management Tools for OVC Programs in Lesotho

This series of tools and resources developed over five years has proven effective in strengthening the OVC response in Lesotho.

Family Support and Alternative Care The Baltic Sea States Regional Report

In preparation for the Expert Meeting on Alternative Care and Family Support in the Baltic Sea Region - held in Tallinn, Estonia in May 2015 - the Children’s Unit in cooperation with the Expert Group for Cooperation on Children at Risk conducted a mapping of family support and alternative care...

Transitional Support Programmes for the Child and Youth Care Sector

This booklet was developed by Mamelani Projects, a community development organization in South Africa. The booklet outlines Mamelani’s approach to Youth Development and providing transitional support to young people as they transition out of Child and Youth Care Centres (CYCCs). This booklet is...

Reflective Supervision: Patients' Experiences of Monitoring Their Adolescents' Compliance with Diversion Order

The importance of child protection as well as the designated social workers (DSWs) assigned to them, and the jeopardy they face, is well recognized. Although there is a call to enhance DSW resilience, little is known about their resilience, and there are no guidelines to equip South African DSW...

Child-Sensitive Social Protection in Fiji: Assessment of the Care and Protection Allowance

The Department of Social Welfare administers several social transfer schemes for low-income and vulnerable individuals and families, including the Care and Protection Allowance for children. This report examines levels of child poverty and vulnerability in the country, and reviews key policy and...

Understanding Victim Resistance: Experiences of Service Providers Working with Victims of Child Trafficking

Service providers experience victim resistance as a significant barrier to the successful provision of services. Complex trauma from abuse in both trafficking situations and family of origin, plays a significant role in victim resistance. These results discuss the need for continue dialogue and...

Engaging Parents: Innovative Approaches in Child Welfare

Innovative approaches that mitigate the obstacles to engaging parents in child welfare are reviewed in this report and include recommendations on the role of the child welfare worker.

Child Protection in Emergencies Capacity Building Mapping & Market Analysis

This report reviews the current capacity and gaps, training and demand for child protection services in times of emergencies as well as makes recommendations for bettering preparing the workforce who provides these services.