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Violence Against Children Questionnaire - Experiences from Social Service Workers

In your job, have you helped a family affected by violence? We are seeking your story of working with a family, what you did, and the positive change that resulted from your work with them.

We want to gather information and stories based on the experiences of social service workers such as yourself and highlight examples of the positive impact that social service workers make every day. Using a storytelling approach puts you, the service provider, at the center of the story. The aim of this project is to feature your voice telling your story about your work and how you have accomplished it. We want more people to be able to learn directly from your point of view about what has helped you do the good work you do, how you have accomplished it and the difference you have made in the lives of those affected by violence and family separation. Then, by looking across the collective of all of the stories, we may begin to see patterns that will allow us all to be better able to suggest practical interventions to strengthen or support the workforce and good practices and organizational factors that result in positive outcomes for children and families. And by bringing our voices together, we can increase the visibility of the important work you do.

Complete the online questionnaire now at
Please be sure to click submit at the end of the Google Form questionnaire. You can also translate the form into another language and submit responses in any languages.

All or some of the information and stories you share for this survey may be included in the 2017 Social Service Workforce Report. We encourage you to share this survey with other colleagues working to help families affected by violence or family separation. You can use the questionnaire format to tell your own story or as a guide to interview a colleague or someone you supervise. The questionnaire can also be downloaded as a pdf and sent by email.

Responses are still being accepted.