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International Workforce Initiatives: Definitions, Design Options, and Project Profiles

This publication is intended for three primary audiences: international development professionals who want to define “workforce” for program design purposes, those who seek information about field activities, and those who want to reflect on the implementation of successful, high impact programs—whether they were broad-based or sector-specific projects or local activities. The goal is to provide readers with options and strategies for connecting diverse sets of development objectives through international workforce initiatives. Following a brief introduction, the first chapter briefly reviews international workforce initiatives’ historical roles in United States economic and political diplomacy and how they became part of the practice of development assistance. The chapters that follow provide definitions and design principles. The annexes contain more than 80 profiles of projects the Academy for Educational Development (AED) is currently or has recently implemented that have had workforce components. Most of the examples used come from projects implemented in partnership with the U.S. government, projects funded by the United Nations (UN), the Group of Eight (G-8), private foundations, and national governments are also included.

J.W. Wright, Jr., AED
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Gray literature
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