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Mental health

Psychosocial Support for Pregnant Women and Families Affected by Microcephaly and Other Neurological Complications in the Context of Zika Virus

This report provides recommendations on how workers should address the psychosocial needs of women affected by Zika.

Promoting Education for Vulnerable Children by Supporting Families: A holistic intervention in Uganda

This article reports on the Western Uganda Bantwana Program, which worked with more than 1,000 HIV/AIDS-affected families with the goals of improving socioeconomic status, psychosocial functioning, and educational participation. Bantwana offered home visits for psychosocial support and connected...

A Randomized-control Trial for the Teachers’ Diploma Programme on Psychosocial Care, Support and Protection in Zambian Government Primary Schools

The Teachers’ Diploma Programme on Psychosocial Care, Support, and Protection is a child-centered 15-month long-distance learning program focused on providing teachers with the knowledge and skills to enhance their school environments, foster psychosocial support, and facilitate school-community...

Development and Implementation of a Child Welfare Workforce Strategy to Build a Trauma-Informed System of Support for Foster Care

This study evaluated two approaches to increase trauma symptom identification and use of screening results to inform case planning.

Self-care and Professional Quality of Life: Predictive factors among MSW practitioners

This study explored the effects of self-care practices and perceptions on positive and negative indicators of professional quality of life, including burnout, secondary traumatic stress, and compassion satisfaction among MSW practitioners. Results reveal that while social workers value and believe...

The Clinical Management of Children and Adolescents who have Experienced Sexual Violence

This guide includes Technical Considerations on post-rape care for persons under the age of 18 in primary health centers that also provide HIV care.

Practice Recommendations for Mental Health Professionals Perspectives From Grandparents and Their Adolescent Grandchildren

To gain insight into how practitioners can best meet the needs of grandfamilies, 40 custodial grandmothers and their adolescent grandchildren were interviewed. Results of a qualitative analysis indicated that grandmothers and grandchildren did not make clear distinctions between various types of...

Reclaiming Hope, Dignity and Respect: Syrian and Iraqi Torture Survivors in Jordan

This report describes patterns of torture and human rights abuses among Syrian and Iraqi refugees and the long-term mental health implications for both groups. The report is based on CVT’s direct experiences with clients and is the product of a series of in-person interviews with men, women and...

Burnout in Social and Humanitarian Work: Child Hub review of research and recommendations

A summary of 10 academic pieces regarding burnout in the social and humanitarian work fields, the documents provides data regarding issues, such as potential gender differences in facing and coping with burnout and best practices that could be implemented to prevent and solve burnout. Some of the...

Parental Migration and the Mental Health of Those who Stay Behind to Care for Children in South-East Asia

The international migration of parents from the global south raises questions about the health impacts of family separation on those who stay behind.