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Supervision and the Social Service Workforce

Join to participate in the exchange of information and development of new tools related to supervision and the social service workforce. The group held initial planning calls in March and April 2020 and a survey was sent to group members to narrow the focus of the group's work. Sub-groups are currently forming to support specific tool development and gather input into specific areas. Call in information will be emailed directly to those who have joined the group.

This Supervision and the Social Service Workforce Interest Group will:

1. Provide a platform to exchange the array of existing tools, resources and knowledge pertaining to supervision of the social service workforce

2. Develop and promote key benchmarks related to the provision of effective supervision

3. Develop recommendations of how to incorporate tools to support effective case management supervision within Primero, a digital inter-agency child protection information management system (CPIMS+)

4. Identify effective models and examples of supervision across different settings and promote case studies of those models, or prepare case studies where they do not already exist

Practice-based evidence and research has shown that structured, supportive and reflective supervision helps to improve worker retention and performance and results in higher quality services and support to children and families. Despite what is known about the importance of supervision, it remains challenging to implement for a range of reasons. Social service workers and managers require better access to capacity building tools and resources, methods of guiding and tracking effective supervision, and positive models of supervision to learn from and use to advocate for increased resources. 


The central outcomes of the Interest Group are multiple: first, the sharing of information and experiences leads to stronger collaborative capacity building on supervision; two, awareness building and enhancement of digital tools to support supervision and case management; and three, effective models of supervision are jointly identified, documented and promoted.


Membership will be limited to Alliance members. Those joining the interest group will make a commitment to active or observational participation in the Supervision Interest Group.

Active members will:

  • Attend on-line meetings 

  • Contribute to finalizing the group’s TOR

  • Contribute to the establishment of a work plan, activities and timeline

  • Contribute quality review and comments to documents and materials developed by the Group within agreed timescales

  • Collate and share materials with the Interest Group members

  • Contribute to decision making regarding the on-going role and future of the interest group

  • Identify and convene sub-group/s (either topic sub-groups or regional sub-groups)

  • Potentially other tasks as identified by the group

Observational members will:

  • Provide occasional as necessary specific technical guidance as requested by and agreed with the Interest Group co-chairs

  • Share materials with the Interest Group

  • Receive and review meeting notes and other documents developed by the Interest Group

  • Help to disseminate information, requests or products from the Interest Group

Membership will be geographically representative and will include social service practitioners, supervisors, project designers and managers, academics, etc. This is a voluntary interest group. Organizations that members represent are not required or expected to provide more than the time of the participant and sharing of materials.

Scheduling and Organization

Call in information will be emailed directly to those who have joined the group. The scope, activities, operation and specific deliverables of the group will be discussed and continue to be iteratively developed, with this ToR adapted as necessary with the agreement of the active membership.

This may include initiation of special interest/topic and/or regional sub-groups, convened by active members.

Group Leadership

The interest group will receive staff support from the Alliance Director and a communications consultant.

Alliance interest groups are led by voluntary co-chairs. Interest Group co-chairs should have a strong technical background in the Group’s topic, excellent group facilitation skills, a good awareness of Alliance activities, and a commitment to the Alliance mission and inter-agency approach.

Co-chair responsibilities chairs include: 

  • Helping to recruit interest group members for specific tasks and projects

  • Facilitating meetings and ongoing communication among group members

  • Working with group members to develop strategic objectives and work plans within the first three months of group formation, leading to concrete activities or products

  • Working with the Steering Committee to raise funds for interest group activities and projects

  • Facilitating the implementation of the interest group action plan, including engaging members in the completion of collectively agreed upon tasks in accordance with the timeline

  • Coordinating the submission of regular updates on group activities to the Steering Committee and Coordinator

  • Facilitating contributions from group members of information for Alliance E-Updates or participation in other forums, such as webinars

  • Assisting with advocacy and dissemination of interest group products

To join the group

There are a few simple steps required to join the group.

If you are already an Alliance member:

1. Go to the log in page and log in using your username and password. You can request a new password from that page if you have forgotten it.

2. Go to the interest groups page and click on “subscribe” next to the Supervision Interest Group description 

If you are not yet an Alliance member:

1. Go to the registration page to become an Alliance member. You will receive an email once your membership is approved. Click on the link in that email to set up your username and password. 

2. Go to steps 1 and 2 above to log in and subscribe to the interest group.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions using the contact page of our website.

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